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Sight seeing

We would like to invite you to Baile Herculane to discover the picturesque sights, multi-ethnic culture and unique monuments of the Mountainous Banat region!

Over time the region was part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and the Austrian Empire. Since after the First World War, the region is a part of Romania.

Natural Parks (National Parks Nera-Beusnita, Semenic Caras Valley, Domogled Cerna Valley, Iron Gates) represents about 30% of the surface of the Caras-Severin county which is the equivalent of heaven for the trekking enthusiast, offering outstanding mountain and rural landscapes. Here you can see the Danube and Danube Boilers Gorge, a fabulous area, the most beautiful and spectacular stretch of the river.

By coming and visiting Baile Herculane and its suroundings, you can not only experience the healing powers of the thermal waters which legends say that made Hercules so powerful, but also the natural beauty of the Cerna Valley and Domogled mountain, the Danube river or the watermills from Rudaria (unique in southeastern Europe, UNESCO patrimony), as well as the most beautiful waterfall in the world, the Bigar cascade.

You can also visit the oldest theatre in Romania (M. Eminescu Theatre from Oravita), the oldest and most beautiful mountain railway Oravita-Anina, or Czech and Serbian villages in the Danube Gorge. Last but not least you will enjoy gastronomic specialties and traditional local drinks: stuffed Serbian schnitzels, Banat chicken soup with noodles, pancakes Ana Lugojana, Banat chops stuffed with cabbage, local typical omlette, fish soup from Clisura, stuffed trout, apple strudel, plum dumplings, pear or plum brandy, blueberry liquor or fig brandy from Svinita.