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Painting camp 2012

Often we are so caught up in the daily routine, that we forget to breathe deeply, to relax and to have sufficient time for our hobbies. That is why La Dolce Vita Inn & Spa, in collaboration with the Danube Fundation, has organized the creative camp “Instances of autumn in Baile-Herculane”.

The camp was attended by ten contemporary artists important Romanian painters, including: Entertainment Tulcanu, Elena Tulcan, Tomici Elena, Galis Peter Catargiu Constantine, Constantine Raducan, Nicholas Ungar.

For relaxation, painters were given massages, and enjoyed sauna and Jacuzzi sessions, to inspire them and to ensure that sleep is more restful than ever.

At the end of the event we organized an exhibition of the paintings realized during the camp.

Christmas 2014

Christmas is like candy: it easily melts in your mouth sweetening every taste papilla and making you to want to keep that feeling forever. It’s time to light the fire of hospitality in the house, and the flame of goodness in your heart.

If we continue to tell the story of Christmas, to live the spirit of Christmas, we can bring joy, happiness and peace of the world. Christmas is the evening pof carols:

“On the evening of Christmas
All children
And listen carefully
What is said by Christ.
The wise men follow the star
Going to see him
Angels from heaven look
Singing hymn of glory.
That evening’s Eve
White flowers, apple blossom
Tomorrow’s the day of Christmas
White flowers, apple blossom. ”